Don’t Fall For The Scam! Getting Your Business Listing On The Front Page Of Google The Right Way

There’s a rule that we all know. It applies to business, and life, and any of the spaces between. It’s been repeated a billion times around the planet in every possible language as a mantra for everything from good health to financial well being to marketing and success. That rule is, of course:

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

It's a trap!

We could apply this rule to many different aspects of developing your online presence and growing your business, but for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on one particular scam that’s been affecting thousands of customers: The “We Can Get Your Business Listing On The Front Page Of Google” phone call scam.

Pop quiz, hotshot: If you get a call from an AUTOMATED number that said “We want to give you a million dollars, press 1 to accept,” and once you press 1 and connect to a human, they ask for your credit card number first, what do you do? What do you do?

What Do You Do?

You hang up, right? You know it’s a scam. You know, absolutely and undoubtedly, that there is more of a chance of you winning the lottery without buying a single lottery ticket than there is getting a million dollars from this phone call. Instead, you’d end up giving your credit card number to a scammer who will probably use it to go on a spending spree at Best Buy, or the Dollar Tree, depending on your credit limit.

A call claiming to get your business listing on Google’s front page is just as unlikely. Unlikelier, even, as Google has very specific ways to determine which businesses make it to their front page, and none of those ways include an automated scammer.

But can it be done? Can your business listing make the front page of Google?

Can it Be Done?

Absolutely! It’s not instantaneous, though. Google responds to businesses that have organic content that is dynamically and consistently updated, and that takes time. Google looks for businesses that offer genuinely relevant content that demonstrates real value, and will actively diminish businesses that try to take shortcuts.

The businesses who make it to the front page don’t get there by pressing 1 on an automated phone call from a scammer. They get there by investing in their online marketing for a long term campaign, having blog posts and other content written on a constant basis, and focusing on delivering high-quality and relevant content to their audience. Those are the businesses that call Venture Rich.

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