Hiring a freelancer is tempting, isn’t it? It seems like it would be the right choice for a business who wants to do online marketing. It’s usually cheaper (at first), with miraculous results promised (but rarely delivered), and you can’t understand why anyone would choose anything else. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation paints a more dire picture.

When it comes to a one-shot project, freelancers are great. You give them the info, you get your work product, you pay them, and you’re done. Half of the time, the work won’t be the quality that you want, so you’ll pay someone else do redo it, and eventually you’ll have your singular project finished at twice your budget and twice the length of time. But it makes sense why you might try a freelancer for a project like that.

However, when you’re talking about online marketing, an ongoing process that requires long-term strategy, planning, and open communication, it’s imperative that you work with an established company. Not a guy working at a messy desk from home with no organization or structure who’s too busy binge-watching the latest Netflix series to reply to your email, and not a guy who’s going to outsource your work overseas without regards to quality or your needs, but a company, with employees on staff who are dedicated experts in the fields that matter the most to you.

When it’s time to market your business online, you want a company who has people ready to tackle every aspect of the marketing process. From social media content to blog posts, Google AdWords to Facebook advertising, press releases to content development and SEO, you need a company to provide a cohesive strategy across multiple avenues, implemented with consistent messaging throughout each platform, all simultaneously launched in such a way as to provide you with both the best immediate and long-term impact. You want someone who will be available to strategize and work with to change the plan as the landscape shifts, who has a team at his or her disposal ready to jump into action.

What you don’t want is a lack of communication, poorly-planned results, no discernible strategy, and outsourced work product that shows a lack of care and awareness of your domestic marketing needs. And while we aren’t going to say that’ll happen with every freelancer, do you really want to take that risk, setting your marketing back by months just to save a small amount of money in the short term?

Venture Rich has the experts on staff that you need for your marketing, and will not only be able to provide the services you need to promote your business online in the most successful way possible, but can work with you personally to guide you through the process, something that very few freelancers have the time nor the inclination to do. You’re not just a project to us that we’re trying to wrap up so we can get paid and move on to the next one. You’re a client who matters, and you’ll see that value in every interaction.

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