Is pay-per-click enough advertising for your business? Hint: It’s not.

Let’s say you own your own baseball team, The Orlando Mickeys. And you’ve got one player who hits the ball out of the park every single time he’s at bat. Are you going to risk your chances of winning entirely on his performance? Or are you going to fill your team with winners just like him to make sure you win every single game?

Marketing your business is the same! Every aspect of advertising, from pay-per-click to Facebook and Instagram ads to social media posts to website content, works together to form a perfect team.

First, you’ve got your outliers – Google Ads that might grab a potential customer’s attention even if they weren’t looking for the service or product you offer. As they begin to see your business name pop up on other sources, like Facebook or Instagram, your company begins to feel familiar to them, and they develop a level of trust as they think,”They must do a good job if they can afford to advertise everywhere.” (You know this is true, because you’ve felt this way yourself about ads you’ve seen!)

As the potential client gets more and more used to seeing your presence, they may begin to follow you on social media – whether it’s liking your page, subscribing to your newsletter, or following you on Instagram or Twitter. That’s when it’s important to have constant content, and no, that doesn’t mean you should use your social media to constantly advertise (check out our primer on using social media properly here), and make it engaging! The more this potential customer sees your content, finds it interesting, entertaining, or engaging, they will see you as a company worth their time. And the next time they have a need related to the services or goods your provide, they’re going to remember your name!

This is just one route down which advertising can guide a potential customer. Another would be if they’re searching for information that’s related in some way to your product or service. When they type their query into Google, not only do they see your Google Ad, but they also see two articles on your website about that topic. This helps reinforce the concept that you’re the expert, and they can trust you to help them with whatever their needs may be.

As you can tell, marketing your business successfully is a team effort. It takes more than pay-per-click advertising – it takes social media ads, daily content on social media, a newsletter, weekly articles or blog posts on your website, and one consistent message that’s all designed around bringing in new clients. When you commit to the concept, it pays off significantly and is worth every penny of the investment. That’s why Venture Rich provides a well-rounded marketing plan with expert services that include everything you’ll need to funnel paying customers right to your door (virtual or otherwise).

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