Blog writing: Is your traffic getting stagnant?

Savvy experts will tell you that one of the top ways to get traffic to your site is with visitors that find you through organic search engine results. This means that if you genuinely want to grow your customer base and expand your reach, you need to have original content that is dynamic, diverse, and informative, as well as consistently updated!

Here’s an example. Let’s say you own a cheese shop, and even though you have great reviews and loyal customers, business is slow, and nobody seems to know that The Fromage Mahal is even there.

So here’s what you’d do. Every week, you write a new post for your website’s blog. The post isn’t a salesy post – you don’t want to just write variations of “COME BUY MY CHEESE PLEASE” over and over again. Each post you write is unique and related to your business, but also informative for the public. Maybe you write about cheesemaking in one post, and the different types of cheeses in another. You post a review of a new cheese you purchased, and you post about cheese news, and before long, you have a dozen new posts that have started to get traffic organically.

See, if someone in your area searches for an article about cheesemaking or about the difference between gouda and cheddar, your posts will show up naturally. And if those posts are engaging enough and interesting enough, search engines will recognize that your average everyday person sees value in those posts, and they’ll raise your search rank. (It’s more scientific than that, of course, but that’s the gist of it.)

A year goes by, and The Fromage Mahal is thriving. Anytime anyone searches for cheese, they see your posts, they see your website, and they see you as an expert for all things cheese. And it’s in large part thanks to consistent organic content being posted on your site!

Now, in the real world, it’s never quite that easy. Who has the time, much less the skill, to write frequent posts that will engage, entertain, and inform an audience while also trying to run a small business? Nobody. Lucky for you, though, there are companies like Venture Rich that have skilled writers on staff who can write about any industry and any topic and fulfill all of your content creation needs. Contact Venture Rich today for a quote about how writing services can make your current business even cheddar – umm, better!