Stick With What You Know: Beware Of Businesses That Overreach!

Imagine this situation:

Bob’s Discount Auto Parts has been around for thirty years. Everyone knows that if you need a used auto part, you go to Bob’s. But Bob’s not happy, and he wants to make more money. So Bob decides that since he knows everything about used auto parts, why not just start his own car company?

Even though Bob only knows about car parts, he decides to design, create, and build cars to compete with all of the major car companies. In his opinion, since he knows about the parts cars are made from, how hard could it be to build a car people will love?

After months of research, labor, and experimentation, Bob finally launches El Roberto, the signature car of his new company. He holds a press conference, sends out an email newsletter, and puts all of his money into the launch of his new car. Can you guess what happens?

El Roberto instantly fails all safety standards, is the laughingstock of the entire auto industry, and the company crashes and burns (as does anyone who tries to drive that death trap).

Bob learned a painful albeit valuable lesson: stick with what you know. Too often, we see this same lesson being taught in our industry too. A prime example is your local sign company. Spending decades making car wraps, banners, magnetic signs, large signs, small signs, and all types of brick-and-mortar marketing materials for local businesses, this sign company flourished. But online stores don’t need physical signs. And social media marketing has nothing to do with a car wrap or banner. So sales start to flag, and the sign company begins to overreach.

The logical solution would be for the sign company to go online, and sell their product to brick and mortar businesses nationwide or even worldwide. That’s the smart choice – hire an online marketing firm like Venture Rich to help them bring their business into the twenty-first century.

Unfortunately for many of these companies, they don’t take the logical path. They take a leap from “We’re good at printing signs” to “We must be good at online marketing – how hard can it be?” and they try to offer services that they don’t even truly understand. Want to test this theory? Call any sign-making company that offers online marketing, ask to speak to the owner, and see if he or she can tell you what SEO stands for. Half of them have no idea. They’ve simply cobbled together a list of buzzwords from a Google search and put it into a flyer to try to ensnare unwitting businesses in signing up for their “online marketing” services. And in the end, any clients of theirs will only find themselves suffering as a result of it. They’ll lose an audience, turn off potential customers, and hurt their online presence in such a way that it might be impossible to recover. When a sign company tries to do online marketing, not only will it crash and burn, but so will the clients it drags along for the ride, and we don’t want to see that happen.

Here at Venture Rich, online design and marketing is all we do. It’s our niche, and we’re nationwide experts in it. We don’t try to print signs for local businesses. We don’t try to program apps for phones. We don’t make cars. We help businesses just like yours gain, grow, and benefit from an online presence, with traditional and social media marketing, search engine optimization, content development, web design, online storefront setup, and everything you’ll need to succeed online. We don’t overreach, and as a result, we’re able to provide services that actually benefit our clients.

Stick with what you know. We do, and it pays off for the hundreds of clients who use Venture Rich for their online marketing needs every single day. Join us today!

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