Success as a Small Business isn’t Magic. It’s all about Patience!

It would be nice if, after putting in all of the effort to build your small business – after all of the blood, sweat and tears you poured into it, you could just wave a wand and say “Abracadabra” and every potential customer would know about who you are and why they want your product or service. Unfortunately, marketing is a full-time job that requires time, effort, and most importantly, patience.

There’s a reason McDonald’s, for example, spends millions on promoting its brand. Do you think there’s anyone in the entire world who doesn’t know what the golden arches are? It’s unlikely, but in order to continue to succeed, they must continue to build, represent and talk about their brand. And when you Google “cheeseburger” what do you think is the first organic result to come up? McDonald’s.

Organic marketing and success is a long game. It’s easy to buy followers and likes, but that rarely translates into real sales and it never translates into a loyal client base. Building your marketing and branding organically allows you to build loyalty, and a client who loves your work is worth a thousand purchased leads that can’t remember your name.

Building a marketing plan that focuses on long-term success with intermediate short-term goals will lead to your success. It will lead to creation of a loyal and committed customer base. And it will lead to the growth you need for your business. But. It. Takes. Patience.

You’ve come this far. You put in so much effort and work to get your business to this point. Now it’s time to focus on the next step and invest in yourself and your future. Boost your brand with constant content on social media, blog posts, outreach to influencers, online advertising, newsletters, and more. Plan on investing six months, a year, or more into it, but you won’t be done then! If you truly, deeply want continued success as a small business, online marketing and brand building is something that you will have to do . . . forever. McDonald’s does it. So can you.

How can Venture Rich help? Our marketing plans are designed for long-term success that will take the hard work out of your hands so you can focus on what’s important – taking care of your loyal customers.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help you with your long-term small business marketing goals!

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