Why should you outsource your company website?


Why would you spend more to have an in-house employee costing you more with a salary and health benefits?

When you can hire a team like Venture Rich to handle every aspect of your website, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and hosting?


Here are somethings to consider:


Managing a website in-house can be quite expensive. Thinking of hiring a new employee to handle the website and associated marketing? New hire expenses are high…expenses like salary, benefits, payroll taxes. You’ve also got to think about the programs you need, the hardware and software. Need to purchase a new computer for your employee? Will they need a certain software program such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.? Will this person need special training to learn the programs and/or gain the additional web expertise required?

Don’t forget to account for overhead and costs associated with the employee searches, interviews, and the on-boarding processes (e.g., fees to post job ads, recruiters, etc.).

The costs start to add up, and you’re looking at spending much more than you would spend if you outsourced your entire website design and development. Would you rather hire a new assistant at $50,000 a year + hiring expenses…or retain an online marketing firm for much less? Outsourcing helps keep your overhead low.



Do you have multiple tasks and deadlines? Why limit your time even more by taking on any extra tasks? By outsourcing the management of your website and related marketing, you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed. We give you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

Aren’t web-savvy? Be prepared for time-consuming tasks and headaches. A simple task that takes your employee a few hours to complete may only take a qualified agency 20 minutes to complete. By outsourcing the work, you can keep your employees focused on increasing your bottom-line.

Time-sensitive items that need to be published, and you or your marketing assistant in back-to-back meetings all day. That update is then delayed. Meanwhile, a company like ours is there to serve you. We have the resources available to get your work done on time.



An online marketing firm eats, breathes, dreams, and lives the web. It’s their job to stay on the best web practices, emerging technology and the important details involved in executing and managing a web marketing strategy. Because agencies have multiple clients and measure what works with every client, they can bring perspective to your online marketing plan that you likely don’t necessarily have.  Do you have time or resources to allocate to research trends? An online marketing firm has extensive necessary experience, and their expertise is at your disposal.



Details to manage. Marketing firms have a team of copywriters, designers, developers, strategists–who are all in one place. You won’t have to take it upon yourself to find resources on your own; you won’t be forced take on these new roles, either. Your website management firm can provide all the resources you need, and fast.



By outsourcing your website, you can gain a fresh look of your company. A firm can create a conversion optimization strategy. An online marketing agency can bring in a fresh set of eyes and ears and help your organization do A/B testing to get an objective, data-based answer to which wording works better. Outsourcing your website can be invaluable in gaining new perception.



Outsourcing your website and online marketing does not mean not being involved at all. Rather, you’re a strategic partner and have expanded your team…for less cost. They’re an expert in their entire field. You’re an expert in your business’ field. By taking each set of challenges together, you can create a website that delights and entices visitors and develops an online marketing campaign that produces long-term, measurable results.


Contact us today and see how our Site Concierge is the answer for your business.





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